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Why do you get postpartum depression during pregnancy?
2 years ago

Why do you get postpartum depression during pregnancy?

There is pretty much always several causes, which work together in an unfortunate direction, when you get a depression. This also applies to postpartum depression. In some cases, the very rapid decline in the levels of sex hormones after birth contribute to that particularly susceptible women develop a depression.


Other factors that could come into play, is stressful life events, previous episodes of depression (not necessarily in connection with childbirth), poor social support from the boyfriend or spouse, relationship problems, moreover, and if there are others in the family, who have suffered from postpartum depression during pregnancy according to


The risk does not appear to be linked to the child’s sex, whether the mother breastfeeding, birth method, or if the pregnancy was planned. On the other hand, complications after birth contribute to exhale her so as to pave the way for the great depression.


What are the symptoms of postpartum depression?

These are the same symptoms that can be seen by postpartum depression, as can be seen by other forms of depression:


The main symptoms are feeling depressed mood, markedly decreased desire or interest, decreased energy and possibly severe fatigue.


In addition, at least two of the following symptoms must be present, each day, most of the day for that diagnosis can be made:


  • Reduced self-confidence or self-esteem, self-blame or feelings of guilt, thoughts of death or suicide
  • Difficulty thinking and concentrating
  • Agitation or retardation
  • Sleep disorders
  • Change of weight/appetite. More often than not, loss of appetite and weight


In addition to the listed symptoms, there may be a number of other symptoms, such as anxiety, obsessions and restlessness. Some women find it difficult to attach themselves to the child, but it does not apply to all.


What symptoms you should pay particular attention to?

You should be aware of the above symptoms. In particular, the suicidal thoughts are taken very seriously.


If you have previously had a depression, it is very important to find out which symptoms that were the first, we experienced. It can be a help for quicker to go to the doctor, so the depression will not be as severe.

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